Quick Reference to the New Retail Link

Article posted 01/14/2014 by Tim Carey

If you have been using Retail Link® for more than a few months, you have probably been upgraded to the new version of Retail Link®. While this update is not 100% complete (according to Retail Link® support personnel), quite a few enhancements have already been implemented. Hopefully, this article will help you understand the new updates and how you can benefit from them.

The New Home Page

In the old Retail Link® system, when a new user logged in for the first time the home page (or Dashboard) was just a blank page. Users had to manually setup their home page, choosing from a selection of "Panels" to display on their personalized home page. While this was an extra step, it did offer the ability to personalize your home page specific to your job role (let's face it, Accounting folks don't need to monitor supply chain via Where's My Stuff). Users could also "drag and drop" the panels to organize the page to their liking.

In the new Retail Link®, the home page is already setup with pre-selected "Panels" that are fixed on the page (in other words, you can't remove them and you can't rearrange them). Basically, you get what you get. While this does help new users get started with at least some information on their home page (the old system didn't really have any instructions to setup your home page panels), it does impose limitations to those of us who were used to (and loved) being able to tap straight into applications like "Where's My Stuff" and "Store Within A Store" directly from the home page. Not really a serious issue, but still adds an extra step to the process which in my opinion is a step back, not forward.

Walmart Calendar Quick Link

In our Supplier Resources section, we have links to several documents and informational guides that are commonly downloaded from Retail Link®. Surprisingly, the most downloaded document in this section is the Walmart Calendar. The Walmart Calendar is a handy document that overlays Walmart's fiscal week numbers with a traditional calendar, allowing a user a quick reference to determine which Walmart week number corresponds with which calendar week.

In the new Retail Link® system, there is a quick link calendar icon that will pull up this same document without having to hunt around on Retail Link® to find the document. Of course, you can also download the Walmart calendar from our Supplier Resources section.


The Favorites section of the new Retail Link® home page is similar to the older version with the exception of the new "drag and drop" functionality. In the old system, you added links to your favorites by clicking on the "Add To My Favorites" button from within the various applications in Retail Link®. In the new system, you can drag and drop links to both applications and documents straight to your Favorites sidebar on the Retail Link® home page.

To add a link to your Favorites section, you can browse through the various applications and documents by clicking on the Apps and Docs tabs at the top of each page. This will pull up an alphabetical list of all applications and documents available in Retail Link®. You can then find the application or document that you are interested in bookmarking, and drag it to the Favorites sidebar, creating a quick link to that section of Retail Link®. Pretty slick (although we have found some issues with newer browsers not being able to handle this sort of browser functionality).

Browser Compatibility

According to the news release associated with the launch of the new Retail Link® system, users will now be able to use the browser of their choice when using Retail Link®. While this may be true for most of the sections of Retail Link®, we have found that Internet Explorer is still the most widely compatible browser. Unfortunately, some of the system features are still only supported by Internet Explorer 8. Yes, 8. So keep that old laptop that still has IE8 installed, because you will still need it!

And more …

There is plenty of additional information to discuss surrounding the topic of the new Retail Link® system, but there is just not enough time or space to include it all in this article. You can always go to the faithful old method of "clicking around" in Retail Link®, but if you find yourself lost and need assistance, please consider our Retail Link® training classes available around the country and even onsite at your office!