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  • Retail Link® 101 Training Class - Canada

    Get your feet wet in Retail Link® 101!

    The objective of this course is to provide a broad overview of the most common features and applications of Retail Link®, including basic report building. This class centers on the fundamentals of Retail Link®, allowing the student to gain knowledge of all of the features available within this powerful tool.

    This class is suitable for suppliers and non-suppliers alike!

    • Dashboard Overview
    • Basic navigation of Retail Link®
    • Supplier Expectations
    • Managing your user account
    • Introduction to Decision Support
    • Quick Item Information
    • Company Summary Report
    • Store Detail Report
    • Supplier Performance Scorecard
    • Report Scheduling and Sharing

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    • Laptop with wireless capabilities
    • Internet Explorer
    • Microsoft Excel (or equivalent)
    • This class is suitable for suppliers and non-suppliers alike!