Retail Link 201 takes you a step further into this powerful tool. Move beyond the lessons learned in Retail Link 101 to answer more detailed business questions relating to your specific Walmart account.

From market basket analysis to community demographics to sales forecasting, this LIVE webinar is perfect for those needing education on the more advanced capabilities of Retail Link.

Retail Link 201 (WEB CA) Training Schedule

Location Date Price  
Online, Webinar (CA) Nov 9 $125 +Cart
Online, Webinar (CA) Dec 14 $125 +Cart
Online, Webinar (CA) Jan 11 $125 +Cart
Online, Webinar (CA) Jan 25 $125 +Cart
Online, Webinar (CA) Feb 8 $125 +Cart
Online, Webinar (CA) Feb 22 $125 +Cart
Online, Webinar (CA) Mar 8 $125 +Cart
Online, Webinar (CA) Apr 12 $125 +Cart
Online, Webinar (CA) May 3 $125 +Cart
Online, Webinar (CA) May 17 $125 +Cart
Online, Webinar (CA) May 31 $125 +Cart
Online, Webinar (CA) Jun 14 $125 +Cart
Online, Webinar (CA) Jun 28 $125 +Cart

Course Highlights

  • Review of Decision Support
  • How To Create Custom Groups
  • Understanding Walmart's POS Forecast
  • Historical Account Performance
  • Store Within A Store (SWAS)
  • PO Visibility & Tracking
  • Fill Rate and MABD Reporting
  • Store Specific Orders (SSOs)


  • Authorized Retail Link Access
  • Currently shipping to Walmart
  • Internet Explorer or Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Excel (or equivalent)
  • Retail Link 101 or equivalent knowledge
  • Dual Monitors for best experience
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