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  • Walmart Accounting Fundamentals - US

    Maximize your receipts, and reduce your deductions!

    This is not an overview, but a FULL DAY course! Understanding Walmart's Accounting processes is key to getting the most for your invoices. This course walks you through every aspect of Walmart's accounting system, and how to use Retail Link® to manage invoices and deductions.

    • Invoice Matching
    • Deductions
    • Deduction Research and Resolution
    • Reducing Deductions
    • Payback Request
    • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)
    • Supplier Accounting Scorecard
    • Contact Information
    • Additional Resources
    • Walmart SKIP Dispute Portal

    Upcoming Walmart Accounting Fundamentals Training Schedule

    + Online Webinar Training Schedule (US) − Online Webinar Training Schedule (US)
    Friday, September 22 $400 USD / person Add to cart
    Friday, October 06 $400 USD / person Add to cart
    Friday, November 03 $400 USD / person Add to cart
    Friday, December 08 $400 USD / person Add to cart

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    • Retail Link® 101 or equivalent knowledge
    • Authorized Retail Link® Access
    • Laptop with wireless capabilities
    • Internet Explorer
    • Microsoft Excel (or equivalent)
    • Suppliers should be currently shipping to Walmart before attending this class.