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  • Understanding the Walmart Fiscal Calendar

    Article posted 01/24/2014 by Tim Carey

    Walmart has their own special version of the annual calendar, and it is very different from anything you are probably accustomed to.

  • Retail Link Training in Bentonville, Arkansas

    Article posted 01/22/2014 by Tim Carey

    We are pleased to announce the opening of our new Retail Link training facility in Bentonville, Arkansas

  • Retail Link Training Now Available in Toronto, Canada

    Article posted 01/22/2014 by Tim Carey

    Unofficially, we have been traveling to individual suppliers in Canada for some time. Now, we are making it official and offering scheduled classes in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • Helpful Tips for New Walmart Suppliers

    Article posted 01/21/2014 by Tim Carey

    New suppliers will be the first to say that getting on the shelf is just the beginning, because staying there can be like drinking rocket fuel by the gallon.

  • Walmart Return Center Helpful Hints and Useful Information

    Article posted 01/16/2014 by Tim Carey

    Please use the following guideline to answer any questions concerning Walmart's Return Center procedures and policies.

  • Walmart's New Dispute Resolution Portal for Accounting

    Article posted 01/16/2014 by Tim Carey

    Anyone who deals with Walmart's accounting department knows that dispute resolution can be a full time job. You will therefore be pleased to learn that Walmart has announced the launch of an electronic Dispute Resolution Portal where you can submit your d

  • Quick Reference to the New Retail Link

    Article posted 01/14/2014 by Tim Carey

    If you have been using Retail Link® for more than a few months, you have probably been upgraded to the new version of Retail Link®. Hopefully, this article will help you understand the new updates and how you can benefit from them.

  • The Importance of the Supplier Performance Scorecard

    Article posted 01/03/2014 by Tim Carey

    In an intensely competitive environment which requires the appropriate potential for improvement to be unlocked in a structured fashion, efficient, effective supplier evaluation is becoming a basic success factor in retailing.