Walmart's New Dispute Resolution Portal for Accounting

Posted on 01/16/2014 by Tim Carey

Anyone who deals with Walmart's accounting department knows that dispute resolution can be a full time job. You will therefore be pleased to learn that Walmart has announced the launch of an electronic Dispute Resolution Portal where you can submit your disputes electronically.

The new portal provides an environmentally sustainable alternative to the costly and inefficient paper dispute process. The Dispute Resolution Portal is easy-to-use and will provide you more visibility to the status of your disputes.

They partnered with Direct Commerce, a leader in the electronic dispute resolution market. Retail Link users who deal with accounting will be contacted by Direct Commerce with additional information.

Through the portal, you will be able to:

- Easily create and submit disputes to Accounts Payable claims
- Attach supporting documentation to a dispute
- View, track and manage submitted disputes
- Send messages and resolve disputes over a secured internet connection

The portal is scheduled to go live sometime in 2014 according to Walmart. We have received notice from certain suppliers that they are starting to get updates on the rollout in the past couple of weeks, so it sounds like it might be close!

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