Understanding the Walmart Fiscal Calendar

Article posted 01/24/2014 by Tim Carey

Walmart has their own special version of the annual calendar, and it is very different from anything you are probably accustomed to.

Let's start with the big picture first. Walmart's Fiscal Year begins with the week containing February 1. This doesn't mean the February 1 is the beginning of their fiscal year. It means that the week CONTAINING February 1 marks the beginning of the year.

Walmart's weeks start on Saturday at 12:01 in the morning and run through Friday at midnight. So, for the beginning of the fiscal year, we first look for the week containing February 1, then find the preceding Saturday, which will then be the beginning of the fiscal year. As luck would have it, the 2015 fiscal year actually DOES begin on February 1, since it happens to fall on a Saturday.

Confused yet?

Now, Walmart divides its quarters up by a 4-5-4 method. This means that Quarter 1 of any year consists of February, March and April. No matter what year, this always holds true. So the 4-5-4 rule means that the first month of every quarter has 4 weeks, second month has 5 weeks, and the third quarter has 4 weeks. This then repeats for each successive quarter. So don't confuse Walmart's month with a standard calendar month.

We have provided a downloadable chart explaining all of this here:
Download a Walmart Calendar Overview

Don't fret if you are having trouble with this method. You can always find the current Walmart week at the top of every page in your Retail Link.

Also, this link will allow you to download a printable Walmart Calendar that matches up Walmart's week numbers with an actual calendar. This is handy as a quick reference to find out when a certain Walmart week resides.
Printable Walmart Calendar

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