Cyber security a top priority in 2018

Data breaches rose to another all time high in 2017 and supply chain owners will be demanding improved cyber security standards from their suppliers, contractors and vendors in 2018. The Target breach of 2016 resulted in fines in excess of $100MM and was thought to have been caused by lax security protocols by a third party HVAC contractor.

Many suppliers do not have sufficient policies and procedures in place and finding a starting point is a difficult task with thousands of "cyber security" solutions available on the market today.

The first step to data security is an accurate, thorough assessment of a firm's policies and procedures. Trend Results has identified Cyberfense as a source of assessments that cover internationally recognized standards as well as continuous assessment management. These assessments can be used to demonstrate proactive security management to supply chain owners.

A free basic assessment is at available at Cyberfense it using the TREND18 referral code. The assessment provides a baseline to take the first steps in becoming cyber ready. Paid subscriptions along with solutions such as cyber insurance and employee training are available for companies wanting to take an active step in developing an effective plan.

Visit us at Cyberfense for a free cyber security assessment.

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