Analysis without the paralysis

Break free from manual downloads and spreadsheet updates with automatically updated metrics.

The Retail Intelligence Dashboard integrates with 300+ supply chain partners, extracts the data, and correlates millions of data points. We help you get to the root cause of issues, so you can focus on what's important — strategy to grow your business.

Effortless Reporting

Detailed Monday morning reports automatically delivered to your inbox.

Powerful Forecasting

Explain past performance and predict the future with the power of machine learning.

Build Reports On The Fly

Get creative and build custom, dynamic dashboards faster than you can say "Instock Root Cause Analysis".

Visualize Your Data

Ditch pivot tables for custom filters and graph templates to tell the story of your business in a clear and compelling way.

OTIF Scorecard

The OTIF Scorecard not only provides KPIs and goals, but also the detailed insights that drives them.

Supplier Scorecard

Stay up to date on important Key Performance Indicators with the Supplier Performance Scorecard.

Replenishment Reports

View instocks, OTIF, supply chain and forecasting metrics without lifting a finger.

Many More Features!

No matter what your analytics needs, we have the solution, including:

  • Weekly recap of results provided by our analysts!
  • Unlimited Custom Dashboards
  • Quartile Reports
  • Ladder Plans
  • Sales Comparison
  • Product Catalog Attributes

Contact us for more information about our Retail Link Business Intelligence Dashboard, including a free account consultation, and scalable pricing options.

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