OTIF Supplier Performance Management (SPM) - September Force Majeure Process

Posted on 11/05/2017 by Tim Carey

Three major hurricanes (Harvey, Irma & Maria) had a significant impact on supplier's OTIF performance during the month of September, Walmart Weeks 31 through 35. Walmart has developed a process to help identify and remove impacted suppliers from Supplier Performance Management (SPM). Suppliers that were removed from SPM due to the Force Majeure process will not be receiving OTIF invoices for the month of September and will not show charges in the SPM dashboard. This exception will apply for September only, and normal SPM will be applied for other months.

Action Required:

1. Log-in to the SPM Dashboard via the OTIF Scorecard to check your September OTIF performance.
2. If you don't show charges, you met the minimum objective or you were removed.
3. Suppliers who were not removed by a Force Majeure will continue to see their process.

Please note that this process may again be used for any future events that meet Walmart SPM Force Majeure criteria. With SPM, there is no PO dispute or exclusion process.

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