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Posted on 11/29/2017 by Tim Carey

In July, Walmart announced the Merchandising Services Program. The new program establishes a retailer-dedicated service model that will reduce costs, centralize the merchandising activity planning process, establish best practices for in-store service providers and drive efficiencies for our stores. In order to improve the quality and consistency of services performed by third party providers, Walmart selected the following five Preferred Service Providers (PSPs) to participate in the program: Anderson Merchandisers, Crossmark, Acosta, Premium and SAS Retail Services.

The program will be powered by WMT Volt, a digital platform that will certify and badge all in-store merchandising representatives, enable better coordination with stores and provide systematic validation of services performed. The platform securely captures critical in-store activity data, which will enable Walmart to measure the quality, effectiveness and ROI of services performed.

Action Required

Suppliers with third party merchandising service needs will be required to transition all service programs to PSPs by January 31, 2018. Effective February 1st, PSPs will be the only third party service providers authorized to perform merchandising services in Walmart stores. Most suppliers do not need to participate in merchandising services (no action required).

Supplier Retail Teams (SRTs), defined as in-store merchandising teams employed directly by suppliers, will be required to run the WMT Volt digital platform. Suppliers with SRTs must contact Merchandising Services at by January 5th to begin the registration and implementation process. This does not apply to in-store merchandising teams employed directly by DSD suppliers (see below).

Select DSD suppliers will be invited to participate in a pilot program to run the WMT Volt digital platform with their in-store merchandising teams. Walmart will contact each of these suppliers to begin that process. No other action is required from DSD suppliers at this time.


Program guidelines were published in September and are available to suppliers at the following path: Retail Link > Learn > Jump to a topic > Walmart > In Store > Merchandising Services.


For questions, please contact Merchandising Services at

Merchandising Services Program

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