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    What Our Clients Are Saying

    "Trend Results provides excellent analytical services. In addition to providing weekly expert analysis, we had their analyst accompany us on senior level meetings at Walmart to explain their thorough knowledge of Walmart's inventory pipeline, which in many cases was even greater than the Buyer's knowledge. Their contributions have more than paid for the cost of their services, and in the end increased both Walmart's and our company's bottom line"
    Jim G. – Walmart Dept 6 Supplier
    "I have worked closely with Trend Results for several years. They provide an excellent detailed analysis of many major U.S. retail accounts. Very knowledgeable staff always provides insight in a timely manner."
    Christina L. – Walmart Dept 11 Supplier
    "I have hired Trend Results three times with different companies. Their knowledge of the Retail Link system is applicable to any type of product or service. I can recommend them without reservation."
    Emil H. – Walmart Dept 11 Supplier
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