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Deduction Recovery Services

Let us go through with human eyes to see if we can pick up any deduction recovery opportunities that you might have missed. If we don’t find anything, not only will you not be charged, but we will donate $1000 to your favorite charity!

Is Software Enough?

Deduction Recovery software has its place, to be sure. Identification and resolution of certain Walmart deductions can be greatly simplified by using a software solution.

The Human Touch

However, while Deduction Recovery software might detect some of Walmart’s deductions, it often takes an actual person to analyze the data to find many of the other erroneous deductions.

Let Us Prove It

If you would like to increase your deduction recovery percentage, let us know and we can talk for 15 minutes about how we may be able to help.

Schedule A Free Deduction Recovery Consultation

If we don’t find anything, not only will the charge be zero, but we will donate $1000 to your favorite charity!

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