Understand the biggest Walmart initiative in years!

You have no doubt heard the words "On Time In Full" and "OTIF" in the recent months. This is Walmart's new purchase order delivery mandate, redefining the old Supply Chain Reliability (SCR) program.

It is imperative that suppliers understand this initiative, and fully comprehend the important metrics, scorecards, and resources available to meet the OTIF performance deadlines.

This 2-hour, LIVE online webinar will walk you through the fundamentals, best practices, root cause analysis needed to make the most of the new OTIF initiative.

Webinar is from 2PM-4PM CST. All webinars come with complete digital documentation of the course materials.

Note: This class is for suppliers doing business with Walmart International. Suppliers doing business with Walmart US should register for OTIF Fundamentals (US).

OTIF Fundamentals (WEB CA) Training Schedule

Location Date Price  
Online, Webinar (CA) Jan 20 US $300 +Cart
Online, Webinar (CA) Feb 4 US $300 +Cart
Online, Webinar (CA) Feb 23 US $300 +Cart
Online, Webinar (CA) Mar 16 US $300 +Cart
Online, Webinar (CA) Apr 6 US $300 +Cart
Online, Webinar (CA) Apr 27 US $300 +Cart
Online, Webinar (CA) May 18 US $300 +Cart
Online, Webinar (CA) Jun 8 US $300 +Cart
Online, Webinar (CA) Jun 29 US $300 +Cart

Course Highlights

  • Introduction to OTIF
  • How Is OTIF Calculated?
  • Delivery Window and Criteria
  • Fill Rate Performance Notifications
  • OTIF Scorecard Analysis
  • Best Practices Checklist


  • Authorized Retail Link Access
  • Class not applicable to DSD and DI suppliers
  • Dual monitors are recommended
  • Google Chrome is required for OTIF Fundamentals
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