Walmart Item 360

This video series is essential for Walmart suppliers.

Learn how to setup and maintain your Walmart and items efficiently and accurately. This video series will walk you step-by-step through the Item Setup and Maintenance procedures as well as best practices for streamlining this process.

This course is designed to help users understand the fundamentals of Walmart’s new item management system, Item 360. After this course you will be able understand what Item 360 is, how GTIN’s and UPC’s are different and why they are needed and understanding why data accuracy is imperative when setting up new items. You will also be able to set up new items and shippers as well as how to do item maintenance on your existing items.
Course Curriculum
1. Intro to Item 360
  • ✓ GTINs and UPCs
  • ✓ GDSN Overview
  • ✓ 1WorldSync Fundamentals
  • ✓ WERCS Compliance (Who needs it)
  • ✓ Data Integrity/Packaging Accuracy
  • ✓ Item 360 Fundamentals
2. New Item Setup
  • ✓ Item Proposals
  • ✓ Setting Up New Items
  • ✓ Setting Up Shippers
  • ✓ Setting Up Multibox Items
  • ✓ Completing Setup in Item 360
3. Item Maintenance
  • ✓ Product Content
  • ✓ Site Experience
  • ✓ Imagery and Rich Media
  • ✓ Cost Changes
  • ✓ Item Configuration
  • ✓ Supply Chain


  • Self-paced learning
  • Train your entire team
  • Video lessons
  • Online, anytime
  • Up to date information
  • $400/company
    • 3 months access

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