Webinar Series: Becoming a Better Partner with Walmart Luminate

Introducing PartnerOne

You have better things to do than pour over thousands of lines of performance data, forecasting documents, and scorecards. From Item 360 to NOVA — and now Walmart Luminate — keeping up with your daily Walmart tasks can quickly become a full-time job.

Why not leave it to expert Walmart professionals with decades of experience calling on Walmart?


  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Weekly Account Analysis
  • Item 360 Management
  • NOVA PO Management
  • Accounting & Deduction Analysis
  • Line Review Preparation
  • Ad Hoc Reporting
Key features of PartnerOne

Some of the key features of our partnership plans include:

Dedicated Account Manager

Have a quick question? Enjoy direct access to your PartnerOne account manager.

Weekly Account Analysis

We understand Walmart, and we know how to leverage Walmart Luminate data to maximize your account performance and profitability.

Segmentation Analysis

Drill down to store level to discover opportunities and liabilities across your traited stores.

Deduction Recovery

Let us go through with human eyes to see if we can pick up any deduction recovery opportunities that you might have missed.

Item 360 Management

Let us handle the time-consuming and complicated process of item setup and maintenance.

NOVA PO Management

We can help with maintenance of purchase orders via Walmart's NOVA application.

Line Review Preparation

Annual business review presentation with your company's KPIs and detailed Key Points summary.

Ad Hoc Reporting

Need a quick report? We have you covered!

Ad Hoc Q&A

You aren't alone. We are always here to field your questions!

PartnerOne Consulting Plans
Choose from one of our consulting plans to tailor our services to your specific needs.
Most Popular
Pro Plus
Virtual Meetings
On request, up to 2 hours / month
Ad hoc Q&A
24 hours reponse time
24 hours reponse time
24 hours reponse time
Weekly Account Analysis
  • Executive Summary email
  • POS analysis
  • Supply Chain
  • Returns and Markdowns
COB Tuesday, CST COB Monday, CST COB Monday, CST
Forecasting and Supply Plan Not included COB Monday, CST COB Monday, CST
Omnichannel Reporting Not included COB Monday, CST COB Monday, CST
Store Segmentation Analysis $200/hour Monthly Weekly
Accounting & Deduction Analysis $200/hour Yearly Quarterly
Item 360 Setup & Maintenance $200/hour $200/hour Max 10 hours/month
$175/hour, thereafter
Line Review Preparation Yearly Yearly As needed
Ad Hoc Report Requests $200/hour $200/hour Max 10 hours/month
$175/hour, thereafter
Monthly Price* $1,800 $3,500 $8,500
*Monthly pricing based on annual commitment
Let Us Help You Decide
You likely have a few questions about how PartnerOne can complement your Walmart team. Reach out so we can answer your questions and help you decide which plan is the best fit for your company.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Incredibly insightful training

“I have attended multiple workshops with Trend Results over the past few years. I can wholeheartedly recommend their training workshops for any Walmart supplier looking to learn.”

— Charles W.

Best investment ever

“We have partnered with Trend Results since 2019. Their consulting services allow us to concentrate on our daily business, knowing that they are on top of the analytics!”

— Rebecca F.

HUGE time savings!

“Trend Results took over our Item360 setup and maintenance tasks in early 2020. They are able to do – in minutes – what typically takes my team hours!”

— Lauren P.

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