Webinar Series: Becoming a Better Partner with Walmart Luminate

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Webinar Series: Becoming a Better Partner with Walmart Luminate
Feb 29, 2024

The evolution of consumer shopping patterns, including the rise of online shopping and the demand for personalized experiences has given Walmart access to a wealth of omnichannel data.

Walmart Launches Supplier One
Feb 23, 2024

Walmart has officially launched Supplier One for all Owner and Drop Ship Vendors (DSV) suppliers in the U.S market.

Introducing the Walmart Luminate Monday Morning Portal
Feb 22, 2024

Happy to share that I'll be speaking at Becoming a Better Partner to Walmart with Luminate! Make sure to attend it on February 28.

Retail Math for Walmart Suppliers
Feb 22, 2024

Walmart has their own language, that's no secret. But, did you know that quite a few of these acronyms and account metrics that you hear discussed are actually common retail metrics, not just Walmart metrics?

New Sam's Club Compliance Fines
Feb 22, 2024

The new compliance program for suppliers can result in fees per item, per location, and per unit affected.

Embracing the Shift From Retail Link to Walmart Luminate
Feb 07, 2024

A candid discussion about the transition from Decision Support to Walmart Luminate and what it means for Walmart suppliers

Who Is My Walmart Buyer?
Feb 07, 2024

Enjoy this crowdsourced tool, powered by SupplyPike, to find contact information for all Walmart Buyers and other Home Office personnel

Introducting Walmart's SupplierOne
Feb 05, 2024

Walmart's SupplierOne aims to consolidate certain Retail Link applications like Item 360 and NOVA.

Decoding Walmart's Supplier Performance Scorecard
Feb 04, 2024

The Supplier Performance Scorecard, also known simply as the "Scorecard" is a same page thinking document commonly used by Walmart Buyers and Replenishment Teams.

Thoughts From A Walmart Replenishment Veteran
Feb 04, 2024

As a 17-year veteran in the Walmart supplier community, much of that in various replenishment roles, I found that the events of 2020 offered a case study for planning and communication.

How Do I Login to Retail Link?
Feb 01, 2024

Retail Link is Walmart's Supplier Portal, and a website where you will likely spend quite a bit of time managing your Walmart account. Let's discuss getting access to Retail Link and logging in once you have access.

Optimizing Store Inventory Could Be As Simple As Pack Size
Feb 01, 2024

Pack size can have a significant impact on Inventory, product flow, order smoothness, transportation cost, and product cost. The rules for pack sizes help ensure that the product is able to flow from the truck directly to the shelf.

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