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Walmart Launches Supplier One

Walmart has officially launched Supplier One for all Owner and Drop Ship Vendors (DSV) suppliers in the U.S market.

Posted on Feb 23, 2024 by Tim Carey

Walmart has officially launched Supplier One for all Owner and Drop Ship Vendors (DSV) suppliers in the U.S market. This new portal provides suppliers with a single platform to connect various tools and workflows to help drive your business.

Available Now

Both DSV and Owned Suppliers:

  • Home page with insights and actions
  • Chatbot for support
  • In-app support and ticket management
  • Item and inventory management
  • Deductions summary and details
  • Supplier performance scorecard
  • App store and API connections
  • Order visibility
  • Return trends and charges
  • Supplier profile

Owned Only

  • Store demand forecasts

DSV only

  • Payment history
  • Order management updates
  • Facility management

More features to come, including:

  • Owned order updates
  • Coop proposals and history
  • Import order visibility
  • Integrated payment visibility

While Supplier One's mission is connecting your essential tools and workflows in one platform, it does not replace all capabilities found within Retail Link today. Suppliers will continue using functionality in NOVA and APIS at this time.

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